Earth Testing
Domestic Testing Kit
Activity :
Measurement of Earth Resistance.

What is Earthing?
It includes grounding of electrical supply systems which connects parts of the electric circuits with the ground.
The objective of this testing is to determine the condition of grounding system for following protection:
1. Protect human life from an electric shock.
2. Protect device to switch off the electric current to the circuit that has the fault.
3. Protection of home appliances, make our life so easy like TV, Freeze, Washing Machine, Microwave etc.
4. Protection of plumbing fixture (current in water pipe line in bathroom), due to water leakage, especially in rainy season e.g. current in water pipe line, water tap, geyser etc.
Negligence of Earthing
1. An electric shock can injure a human from a temporary mild tingling sensation (अस्थायी हल्की झुनझुनी), skin burn, partial or full paralysis to death. A severe shock can stop the heart beat.
2. Financial losses in the form of damage home appliances.