Do You Know ?

Do You Know ?

Most Common Causes of Fire

1. Electrical Short Circuits- As per FSAI, Fire accidents resulting from electrical faults and short circuits have seen a 10 fold jump over the last six years. As per records available with the fire department, the number of such mishaps that stood at 2,071 in 2010-11, went up to a staggering 22,848 in 2015-16.

2. Faulty Installation of Equipments- Loose Cables, Wires and Connections leads to faulty installation.

3. Overloading- Overloading is another cause of Electrical Fires.

4. Improper Maintenance of Electrical System-
Fire accidents occur when we don’t monitor :

  • Overheating of Equipments,
  • Ageing of the Materials,
  • Use of sub-standard quality materials etc.

    Consequences of Poor Electrical Installation-

  • Damage of Sensitive Equipments
  • Fire Hazard
  • Productivity loss in Office
  • Loss of Life
  • Loss of Property
  • Loss of Revenue